Adulting should be                             , not stressful.




Thriving is your birthright

At home, family is your focus.  In the office, your client is always right.  You give to the causes and community organizations you care about the most.  And you're always willing to lend a friend a helping hand. 


You give your ALL.  That's part of what makes you so amazing.  


But let's be honest. Sometimes being the center of it all doesn't feel so rewarding.  When did adulting become so stiff?  Where's all the confetti?  Who says I can't have my own stash of stickers?  And since when do I need to explain the importance of dedicating a day to doodling practice?  It doesn't have to be this way.













Meet Hookē Retreats.  We take self-care seriously...but in a totally crafty, whimsical sort of way.  So we create light-hearted treats and experiences for like-minded creatives who believe wellness should be practiced daily and proudly.  Let us help you create the life of your dreams and enjoy every moment along the way.  Because self-care is a thing.  And thriving is your birthright.      


Your job is to fill your own cup, so it overflows.  Then you can serve others, joyfully, from your saucer.

 - Lisa Nichols                


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